Neighborhood Yard Sale?

Sent by Meer, Stephanie & Bill (Meer, Stephanie & Bill) on 8/17/2016. This announcement was emailed to all users

Last September Byrnwyck hosted a neighborhood yard sale and the residents that held a sale thought it was worthwhile. Please let me know if you have interest in hosting a sale and if so do you have a preference as to Saturday September 10th or September 24th?


Byrnwyck will be placing signs in the area and advertisements on Next Door Neighbor, Brookhaven Yard Sales, Craigslist and other Apps for yard sales. This is not a group yard sale, everyone will host a sale at their individual home but we will advertise each address and tell the shoppers about the other sales.

If you are participating please e-mail me with your date preference 9/10 or 9/24 and I will be back in touch.

So, Neighbors, is it time for you to get ready to sell or shop. Feel free to contact me with additional questions.