Swim Team Information

Sent by Cope, John (Cope, John) on 4/15/2017. This announcement was emailed to all users

Hello All:

I am sending this message today to update our membership on changes that have been made regarding the Byrnwyck Swim Team. At the beginning of 2016 the BCA board voted to no longer allow non-member individuals to join swim team to go into effect in 2017. We believe that this change was necessary and for the benefit of our membership since we are dealing with over crowding on the team. Any non-member who is currently on swim team will be allowed to continue until he/she ages out. This same rule will apply for swim team coaches as well, to be implemented beginning in 2018. Only in the event that we do not have enough member coaches will we look to hire outside coaches. I do apologize that these rule changes were not effectively communicated to each of you until now. We ask that when each of you receive the link to register for swim team that you not forward or send out. That link is intended for your family only as a member of the BCA. I want to personally thank Liz Seymour for stepping in as our Swim Team Manager and Julie Francour for being the Swim Team Treasurer! I also, want to thank all of our parents and sponsors for giving of your time and donations to make our team a possiblity.  Swim Team is such a great asset to our community, let's make 2017 the best year yet!!


John Cope

BCA President