Pool Opening! PLEASE READ the full letter

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Hello Byrnwyck Pool Members,

Summer is around the corner and that means the pool is opening.

By way of introduction, my name is Bill Meer and I am the returning Pool Manager as a volunteer Byrnwyck resident. 

On behalf of the Byrnwyck Community Association (BCA), I’d like extend a warm welcome to all our new and existing members, and let you know the pool is formally opening this Saturday, May 13 at 11:00am.   (Note: the first week of the season during the week days will have limited hours.  Please check the byrnwyck.org website for all hours of operation which also includes pool events such as parties, swim team practices / meets, tennis reservations, etc…)

For your reference, the code for the main pool gate is 15342. 

With my role, I work in cooperation with our pool management company, Sweetwater.  Sweetwater has the day to day responsibility for lifeguards, cleaning (baths and pool) and maintaining our pool systems. 

If you see something that does not seem right please, bring it to the attention of the lifeguard on duty.  They are the front line for overseeing the pool safety and operations.  If something persists and does not seem to be addressed, please feel free to contact me at bmeer52@yahoo.com.  In the unlikely event that a guard does not show up to open the pool, please contact Sweetwater Pool Management directly at 770-939-5757. 

Please remember….the guards are present to provide an additional level of oversight and safety for the pool, and have full authority to enforce the club rules so everyone has a safe and enjoyable summer.  Please help them out and respect their authority.  Also, THEY ARE NOT YOUR BABYSITTERS.  Parents and guardians are still fully responsible for knowing the whereabouts and actions of their children and guests.  As a refresher, I’ve attached the pool rules for your review (these are also posted down at the pool and on the website).

Back for 2017 are membership ID cards.  Each card is personalized with your family name along with helpful information such as the street address (helpful when having food delivered to the pool), the Pool’s telephone number, and Pool Gate Code and Tennis Gate code.  We will have periodic gate checks and when a gate check is not in process please be prepared to show your ID card to the lifeguard.  Enclosed you will find your membership ID bag tags along with a copy of the 2017 Byrnwyck Pool Rules.  I do want to emphasis a few items.

  • Please clean up your personal area and have it looking as good or better upon leaving the pool.  This includes such things as:  disposing of all trash items, place tables back to original positions if moved, push in chairs, clean off table top, etc….  We do not employ a mid-day cleaning service so each member is responsible for proper clean up so that things are good condition for the next member. 
  • Based on your feedback, we are supplying paper towels and Windex for you to wipe down your table after you’re done.  Please be mindful to return the Windex bottles to the shelf and only take the necessary amount of paper towels.  These are located on the newly installed shelf by the outdoor sink. 
  • On a limited exception basis, a member may bring a non-member person or family (a 1:1 family ratio per time) 3 times during the off peak season (July 15 through close) only.  No guests are allowed in May or June.  Any nonmember individual and / or family may be a guest of the pool facilities no more than 3 times per year.
  • Children under 12 may not be at the pool without a parent or guardian.  They must also be able to swim the length of the pool unassisted.  

Finally, Byrnwyck is a very nice pool / tennis facility, but we are still at the end of the day a community pool, (not a country club).  We are fortunate to have active volunteer members who work hard that make it a great place.  Please help them out by lending a hand if you see something that needs to be done even if it’s as simple as picking up some trash lying on the ground.  Many hands make the load lighter……

We are always looking for extra hands, suggestions, and ideas so I encourage you to get involved.  If you want to help plan a social event, tennis round robin, ETC. let me know!  Getting involved is a great way to meet people and socially have fun with your neighbors.  We are open to any reasonable idea. 

Your cooperation goes a long way to making it a fun and enjoyable summer.  We hope you have a wonderful summer, make new friends and feel part of the Byrnwyck Community. 

Thank You!


Bill Meer

Byrnwyck Community Association Pool Manager