Byrnwyck Social - June 16, 17, 18

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Members – I am excited to share with you that Byrnwyck has a fun filled Party Weekend approaching.

June 16th Friday starting at 6 PM Karaoke with Mr. Murphy.  Karaoke is not limited to children so we hope to hear a few adults behind the mic.


June 17th – Saturday from 5 – 6 PM Mr. Reptile man.   Reptile Man will bring an assortment of critters (snakes, turtles, lizards, ETC) the event will be held on the lawn.


June 18th – Sunday FATHERS Day.  On Sunday we will be hosting the famous make your onw Sundae Sunday.  If you have attended you know what to expect if not, you are in for a great treat, with 20+ toppings.  Time is evening possibly 6PM but we will confirm the time later in the week.


All events are weather permitting so lets keep our fingers crossed for nice weather.

As always if you have an idea for social please reply to this e-mail.