Live Music this Saturday 6:30-8:30p at the pool

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Come join us for some live music at Byrnwyck Pool this Saturday (June 24th) from 6:30p to 8:30p.  The name of the band is Reed & Rey and they come highly recommended!  Below is a blurb of who they are:  


Reed & Rey, two 50’s+ Boomers that have been guitar musicians for a combined 80+ years. Reed has performed professionally in the early 80’s, Rey began performing in the last 5 years. Both performers are songwriters and have been composing for many years and have a combined catalog of 30+ songs. They have just begun performing together in the past few years. Artists covered; Taylor, Simon, John, Fogerty, Morrison, Buffet, Eagles, Beatles, Prine, Van Zandt and many more.


Let's have some fun and support local, talented musicians.  This will be rain or shine event.







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