Update on Pool Maintenance Project

Sent by Meer, Stephanie & Bill (Meer, Stephanie & Bill) on 8/17/2017. This announcement was emailed to users who are subscribed to bca inside members annoucements



I want to provide you with an update regarding the subject of the pool maintenance/improvement items that we shared with you at the annual neighborhood meeting in May and by e-mail earlier this month. Over the last several months we have met with several reputable commercial grade pool vendors to solicit their opinions and proposals.  In addition to speaking with pool vendors we have communicated with other local pools that have gone through similar projects to learn firsthand about their experience.  On August 15th the Board met and discussed the project and unanimously approved to move forward with the pool maintenance project.  Fortunately we have been aware of these projects for several years and have been saving money in our reserve account to pay for the expense so we do not foresee any assessments. 


Our goal is to kick off the project this fall after the pool closes. The reason for kicking off the project in the fall verse spring is that there is less demand of work so better availability & scheduling, and the weather is usually drier. Moreover, we don’t have the concern of it interfering with our opening in the spring.


If you were not present at the annual meeting or don’t recall reading the e-mail, the large maintenance items that NEED to be addressed are pool resurfacing, underwater lights replaced, leak detection and repairing of the leak(s), and an electrical project. Given the scope and the disruption of this work, we also looked to see what improvements if any we should include.  After much consideration the only additional modification that we will be making is a slight deck expansion (far side to square off to improve deck space in that area), and possibly widening the steps into the pool far side steps only). 


As a side note we recognize that the trails along the creek suffered damage after last weeks rain and we are in the process of meeting with contractors to get them repaired.  Not surprising with all the rain that hardscape landscapers are behind in their work so it will take a bit longer then we would like to have them repaired.



Thank you!