Byrnwyck Board - New Faces & Vacancies

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We have a few residents that we are long overdue in recognizing and thanking.   A Big Thank you goes out to John Cope for being the Byrnwyck Association President in 2016 and part of 2017.  Prior to John serving as the President he was the Vice President of the Association.  Fortunately for us John is continuing to stay involved with the neighborhood.  We are very fortunate that Kate Emling has volunteered to fill the role of the Presidency. Kate has been active Byrnwyck member in the neighborhood and community since she moved in 15 years ago.  Kate brings a strong sense of community, coupled with a strong financial/business background to the position.  In addition to John stepping down Suzette Snell who worked on Covenants for several years has also stepped down.  For the last couple of years Anna Hogan and Suzette Snell shared the position and Anna would like to find a replacement for Suzette.  Once again - A big thank you to John Cope, Suzette Snell and Kate Emling.   


Below is a listing of the current board members and we welcome help, so if you are interested in assisting even if you only have a few hours of time, please contact us.


Kate Emling–President

Vacancy – Vice President

Deb White –Treasurer (Outgoing and looking for replacement)

Bonnie Holler – Secretary

Stephanie Meer – Tennis Coordinator (Outgoing and looking for replacement)

Stephanie Meer – Membership Coordinator

Bill Meer – Pool Manager

Liz Seymour – Swim Team

Kellee Hoad – Social Coordinator

Jim & Betty Knight – Grounds

Anna Hogan – Covenants (looking for an additional person to support this role)


As many of you know, some of the board members have been serving for several years and have an interest in stepping down so we would love to see a few members step up.  


Things to consider –


Being part of the BCA Board is a great way to get to know your neighbors and to get involved.


  • Being involved a great way to meet many people in the neighborhoods that you might otherwise not meet.
  • The experience is fulfilling and builds a sense of community.
  • Being involved increases awareness and you will know how fortunate we all are to live in such a greatneighborhood.
  • The time commitment for many positions is manageable for busy people.  Most current volunteers work full time, have children and have many other obligations.
  • If you have already served, thank you, and please consider getting involved again perhaps in a different role, it is great to reconnect and a great way to meet all the new faces!
  • Having members lead is so much better than a management company.       


Board Positions Needed:


Vice President – To work with Kate Emling with the intention to be the future President. This position over sees the volunteer heads and provides business sense to the role. 


Treasurer – Previous Accounting Experience desired and some knowledge of Quick Books would be fantastic. Responsible for Accounts Receivable/Payables and Budgets.


Tennis - Organize tennis socials, round robins, fun tournaments that coincide with the pro tournaments, etc.  Keep courts clean of debris and manage items such as lighting issues, cracks, adjusting the nets, etc.  Oversee tennis resurfacing project -  (2018).


Committee Members Needed:


Grounds – Do you love gardening; working with landscapers, then this is the job for you.  Coordinate/oversee the grounds maintenance for the front entrance and the pool/tennis area.


Social Committee – Kellee Hoad is the Social Chair and she needs a number of committee heads to take the lead on social functions.  The vision for the social committee is that each member would lead a social activity or two.  Each person can make their plan be as elaborate or simple as they chose.  (Annual time commitment – 5 hours).  Here are some ideas but we certainly welcome your suggestions.

Adult Only Party (September)

Live Music Night

Camp Out With S'mores

Pool Party

Easter Egg Hunt

Margarita Madness Night

Food Truck

Mini Triathlon

Halloween Pizza Party

Movie Night

Ladies Bunko Night

October Fest

Men’s Poker Nights

Tennis Round Robin

Live Music Night

Toddler Tuesday


Covenants –Coordinate/oversee the bylaws and the covenants in the neighborhood as well as staying current on local community developments.


Please consider stepping up for a position, as you can see many positions have minimal time commitments. 


If you are interested in helping please return this form by writing your name/e-mail address on the line.


Stephanie Meer

801 Byrnwyck Road

Or Via E-mail at