Winter Tennis Mixed Doubles

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Ladies & Gentleman,

It is with great excitement that I announce that Kristen Ware has volunteered to captain an Alta Mixed Doubles C Level Tennis team. This is a fantastic way to meet new friends, have some fun and stay active during the winter months.  Byrnwyck had a mixed doubles team a few years ago and I remember the laughter filling the air.  The matches are scheduled for Sundays starting January 7th for approximately 7 weeks the catch is the deadline to register is October 20th.   This means by October 20th Kristen needs at least 6 women and 6 men signed up and she would ideally like to have 18 on the roster as she knows that not everyone can or wants to play every week. 

You do not have to have a plus one to join the team.

If you join the team with a partner you may not always play with your partner and this can be helpful for childcare and reasons and also the betterment of your relationshipJ

Please reach out directly to Kristen Ware if you are interested.