Swim Team Coaching Announcements

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Dear Blue Dolphins families,

What better time than on the heels of yet another snowpocalypse to start talking about summer swim team?! Yes, we've been busy behind the scenes for a while now. and before you know it the kids will be hitting the water.

This year, they will do so under the direction of our new head coach, Mr. Andrew (Andy) Gibbons. Here's his bio:

"Andrew Gibbons has been involved with swimming since age 4 and began swimming competitively for Dynamo at the age of seven.  He continued to swim in high school for Dunwoody high School where he was a part of the many state qualifying relays and individual events.  He received an athletic scholarship to Colorado Mesa University, where he competed on the varsity swim team while working on his degrees in biology and athletic training. Andrew has 12 years of coaching experience through his neighborhood summer league swim team and Swim Atlanta. He is on his fifth year with the Dunwoody High School Swim and Dive Team."

With Andy in place, it's time to ask for applications for the other coaching positions. Andy and I will review the applications together, but ultimately the hiring will be up to him. I've attached the application to this email. Please note that if you cannot commit to the entire season (due to camps, vacations, etc.), this will affect your chances, as we believe consistency in availability is paramount. Applications are due no later than Monday, January 29.

Of course, the coaches can only take us so far. As is always the case, but particularly important this year as it will be my last at the helm, we need parents to help guide the team. Many hands really do make lighter work, and ideally these jobs (Team Manager, Volunteer Coordinator, Concessions Manager, and Team Treasurer) will start to rotate after just a couple of seasons. 

One final housekeeping item: Our previous website host was bought by Swimtopia, so we now have a new team site: https://byrnwyckbluedolphins.swimtopia.com/. This is still a work in progress, but you should anticipate some slight changes in the registration process when the time comes.

Thank you, and enjoy the sunshine!

Best wishes,

Liz Seymour