Summer Tennis Players - Adults (Ladies & Men)

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I am excited to share that Byrnwyck Tennis is growing!  Several years ago we only had 1 team now we have 4 and looking to add a 5th. 

There is interest from members to start another mixed doubles ALTA team out of Byrnwyck for the summer season!  This team would land somewhere around a high B level. We won't really know until roster submission, as it just depends on everyone’s past experience and rankings.  If this sounds good but you are a C Level need not worry we have a Mixed Doubles C level team also looking for a few new players (especially men).

Summer Mixed Details:
  • Roster has to be in by April. 
  • Matches start early June and run through mid July (late July if we make a playoff run).
  • Matches are played Saturday mornings starting at 9am. 
A big roster is needed because summer is tricky with travel. ALTA requires 6 men and 6 women to form a team.  We would love at least 10 of each!  
Interested?  Here's what you need to do:
HIGH B LEVEL TEAM - If interested


C LEVEL TEAM - If interested

Kristen Ware

(404) 459-0824



Please consider joining it is a great way to meet new friends!