Pool Update and Annual Dues

Sent by Meer, Stephanie & Bill (Meer, Stephanie & Bill) on 3/20/2018. This announcement was emailed to users who are subscribed to bca inside members annoucements

I am excited to provide you with an update regarding the pool maintenance/improvement items that we shared with you at the annual neighborhood meeting May. I am excited to share that the project is underway.  This project consist of pool resurfacing, underwater lights replaced, leak detection and repairing of the leak(s), and an electrical project. Given the scope and the disruption of this work, we also looked to see what improvements if any we should include.  After much consideration the only additional modification that we will be making is a slight deck expansion (far side to square off to improve deck space in that area), and widening the steps into the pool far side.


For those that have paid their annual dues THANK YOU! For those that have not paid and want to avoid the 10% late fee please make sure payment is received by 3/31.  Our automated billing system will automatically apply the 10% late fee on accounts that have a balance on 4/1.  Deb White the Byrnwyck Treasurer will be e-mailing a copy of invoices to all homes on Thursday whom have not paid.