Last Call for High School Seniors

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Tis the Season for Graduation Planning.  A tradition in Byrnwyck that is loved by many is the Senior Highlight distributed via the Byrnwyck Beacon and the sign on the front wall. 
We need a list of high school seniors so noone is left out.  Tamara Schwartz and Suzanne Simkin have volunteered to take the lead in ordering the sign and consolidating the bio information.   
As of now we are aware of the following High School Seniors
Samantha and Hannah Krinsky
Paige Demba
Mary Claire Stockmeyer
Kaitlyn Hoad
Colette Proctor
Hannah Doherty
Mia Schwartz
Watson Coker
If you have a High School Senior please to be toucb with Tamara Schwartz and Suzanne Simkin