Pool Opening! PLEASE READ the full letter

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Hello Byrnwyck Members,

By way of introduction, my name is Bill Meer and I am the returning Pool Manager as a volunteer Byrnwyck resident. 

On behalf of the Byrnwyck Community Association (BCA), I’d like to extend a warm welcome to all our new and existing members, and let you know the pool is formally opening this Saturday, May 19 at 11:00am.   (Please check the byrnwyck.org website for all hours of operation which also includes pool events such as parties, swim team practices / meets, tennis reservations, etc…)  You can find this information under General – Calendar.

NEW FOR 2018:  For your reference, the code for the main pool gate is 1254. 

As I’m sure you have noted over the last several months, it’s been a very busy time during the off season with the pool renovation / maintenance projects and I’m pleased to say, we made it!  A big thank you to a core group of residents who were invaluable in assisting me with this:  Millard Choate, Deb White and Stephanie Meer.  I could not have done without their assistance.  Please thank them. 

With the project, the following things were accomplished to ensure our pool can operate in top condition for the coming years: 

  • Full resurfacing of the interior of the pool (main pool and kiddie pool)
  • Installation of new water tiles (main pool and kiddie pool)
  • Installation of new coping concrete (border of the pool on both pools)
  • Expansion of the pool steps on far side of deck (double the size of prior)
  • Repair of all pool leaks and replacement of skimmers on west side of pool
  • Installation of new under water LED lights (this was driven as part of leak repair)
  • Major expansion of the deck to improve traffic flow around shallow end
  • Installation of channel drain behind diving board to eliminate puddling
  • Replacement of diving board stand
  • Repair and full resurfacing of the entire pool deck
  • Replacement of the rusted-out steel doors on pump room
  • COMING SOON: landscaping around disturbed area by deck expansion – new sod and repair of walkways
  • COMING SOON:  café string lighting to be added on far side of deck to improve lighting this area after dark
  • Many other minor repairs, but not enough room to mention all


1)    With the re-plastering of the pool, there remains daily maintenance care for the new plaster over the next 3 weeks.  The pool company will need to manually add chlorine (we can’t use salt during this period).  This may need to occur 2 to 3 times during the normal operating hours.  To minimize disruption to swim time, all efforts will be made to do this during adult swim periods.  However, NO ONE CAN BE IN THE POOL AT ALL DURING THIS TIME). Please help the pool company folks out when they are doing so.  This needs to be done to avoid staining the new plaster around the return jets. 

2)    As part of the daily new plaster maintenance, the pool is brushed 1-2 times daily.  This will cause the water to look slightly foggy and the bottom of the pool may look a little dirty.  This is normal as we can’t use our mechanical vacuums to ensure the new plaster is not scratched.  This will end in 2-3 weeks. 

3)    With the installation of the new string café lights and landscaping that will be occurring in the next couple weeks, please pardon any inconvenience, but please be respectful of the work being done so these final items can be finished without issue.

The BCA did not want to delay opening the pool for the above mentioned so thank you for your cooperation in advance! 

Other usual things to mention……

With my role, I work in cooperation with our pool management company, Sweetwater.  Sweetwater has the day to day responsibility for lifeguards, cleaning (baths and pool) and maintaining our pool systems. 

If you see something that does not seem right please, bring it to the attention of the lifeguard on duty.  They are the front line for overseeing the pool safety and operations.  If something persists and does not seem to be addressed, please feel free to contact me at bmeer52@yahoo.com.  In the unlikely event that a guard does not show up to open the pool, please contact Sweetwater Pool Management directly at 770-939-5757. 

Please remember….the guards are present to provide an additional level of oversight and safety for the pool, and have full authority to enforce the club rules so everyone has a safe and enjoyable summer.  Please help them out and respect their authority.  Also, THEY ARE NOT YOUR BABYSITTERS.  Parents and guardians are still 100% fully responsible for knowing the whereabouts and actions of their children and guests.  As a refresher, I’ve attached the pool rules for your review (these are also posted down at the pool and on the website).

Finally, Byrnwyck is a very nice pool / tennis facility, but we are still at the end of the day a community pool, (not a country club).  We are fortunate to have active volunteer members who work hard that make it a great place.  Please help them out by lending a hand if you see something that needs to be done even if it’s as simple as picking up some trash lying on the ground.  Many hands make the load lighter……

We are always looking for extra hands, suggestions, and ideas so I encourage you to get involved.  If you want to help plan a social event, tennis round robin, etc…. let me know!  Getting involved is a great way to meet people and socially have fun with your neighbors.  We are open to any reasonable idea. 

Your cooperation goes a long way to making it a fun and enjoyable summer.  We hope you have a wonderful summer, make new friends and feel part of the Byrnwyck Community. 

Thank You!

Bill Meer

Byrnwyck Community Association Pool Manager