Update on Pool/Tennis/Grounds

Sent by Meer, Stephanie & Bill (Meer, Stephanie & Bill) on 8/17/2018. This announcement was emailed to all users


Hello, with summer wrapping up quickly I want to call your attention to a few things around the swim tennis that I can use some help with.  I know that many of our members help out and get little or no public acknowledgement so to all of you that help out to keep Byrnwyck nice THANK YOU!!!!

  1. Whoever is picking up their dog poop and placing it in colorful bags and then tossing the bags inside the pool area near the solar covers PLEASE STOP! There are trash bins in the trash coral and near the tennis courts.
  2. If you walk your dog(s) in the neighborhood please pick up after them.
  3. If you notice trash please pick it up.  The clear plastic straw covers, clear plastic freeze pops, drink tops, are littering our beautiful grounds.  
  4. If you notice the tennis court lights are on and no-one is on the courts, please shut them off.  The light bulbs are expensive and a hassle to replace along with expensive to operate.
  5. On the Tennis courts If you notice the trash bins are full please take a moment to empty them. I am personally emptying them twice a week.

 Byrnwyck is a great place and I appreciate the extra hands.