2019 Swim Team Registration Now Open

Sent by Byrnwyck Blue Dolphins Managers (Bard, Karla) on 3/13/2019. This announcement was emailed to all users

Dear Byrnwyck & Blue Dolphin Families,

Once again, the summer swim season is around the corner! Registration is now open at https://byrnwyckbluedolphins.swimtopia.com and will run through Monday, April 15, at which point late fees for ASA kick in. We encourage you to register early because we will need to cap the younger age groups. Before you get your kids registered, we have a few pieces of info for you.

We would like to welcome Andy Gibbons back as our Head Coach and Mary Claire (MC) Stockmeyer as Assistant Coach. We know they will make a great team! As always, please remember that summer swim team is meant to serve as an introduction to competitive swimming. Our main goal is to foster a sense of fun and community!

Here is the rest of our staffing lineup:

Chris Lin, Senior Coach

Nathan Whatley, Senior Coach

Clare Seymour, Senior Coach

Hayden Hollingsworth, Senior Coach

Jenna Monin, Senior Coach

Ryan Hoad, Junior Coach

Carter Dixon, Junior Coach

Lizzie Whatley, Junior Coach

Mattie Kossak, Junior Coach

Registration and ASA fees are added at the end of the registration where the credit card payment is collected. NOTE: ALL teen swimmers, age 13-18, will only be charged $50 to swim. We really hope to retain this age group!

As many of you know, swimming as a sport is unique in its requirement of MANY volunteers. If you cannot or do not want to assist at the meets, then please reconsider your child's involvement. While in seasons past we have cited a specific number of volunteer slots required per family, the reality is that if your child is swimming in a meet you can expect to volunteer. We DO track who has volunteered, and we will make sure we spread the wealth before asking you to cover more than 4 spots, but there is no guarantee that you will not be needed more than that. If you do not show up or fail to fulfill your duty at a meet without a reasonable excuse or notice, we will pull your swimmer(s) from the following week's meet. Please don't put us in that position! We were so impressed by the “All hands on deck” attitude of all the parents on our team last year!

Also, please note that we do not have our final swim meet schedule yet. The dates listed are correct but we will not know locations or Home/Away until mid April.

The season will begin with a week of afternoon meet and greet and dry-land practices with the goal of transitioning to the pool by end of week May 6-11. We will be hosting 2 new parent meetings on May 6 & 7 to go over expectations, details, introduce coaches and answer any questions. Practices will then be in the water May 13-17 (the calendar will specify which times for your swimmers, depending on their ages). Morning practices will be added the week of May 27. Our mock meet/time trial will be held May 21st. Swim meets will be primarily on Tuesday evenings, with the first meet (Away) on Wednesday, May 29. The tentative schedule is listed on swim website for planning purposes. 

We'll have fittings for swimsuits on April 13 from 9-11 a.m. If you are unable to attend the fitting, suits will be available to try on at several local locations and online ordering will be open. We will once again use the plain navy suit that has the Byrnwyck Blue Dolphins logo on it. Please note that these suits are always optional. Your swimmer is welcome to wear whichever suit he or she desires, both at practices and at the meets.

Spirit wear for parents is being offered as a new option at the time of registration. As always your swimmer will recieve a free blue dolphins soft touch T-shirt so please be sure to specify their size.  If you are not interested in any of the spirit wear items just click None under the size option.  Lets see some families supporting their swimmers in spirit wear this season!!!

Please contact us at byrnwyckswimteam@gmail.com with any questions or concerns.  We are excited to see another season of the Byrnwyck Blue Dolphins!

Your Swim Managers,

Karla Bard and Amanda Marshall