Byrnwyck Covenants

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A Gentle Reminder


As each of us closed on our Byrnwyck home, we agree to abide by the Covenants and ByLaws of the Byrnwyck Community Association.  These documents, along with other information about Byrnwyck, are available at

Particularly important is Article V of the Covenants, which states “Lot Owners shall submit to the CCC [Covenants Compliance Committee] plans for any exterior changes in their property for approval unless the proposed changes fall within standards set forth below in Articles VI and VII. …  No alterations may be made in approved plans or specifications without further approval by the CCC.”

What constitutes an alteration covered by the covenants?  The rule-of-thumb is that any change noticeable from the street or from neighbors’ properties constitutes an alteration for which a proposal should be submitted to the CCC in a timely manner.

Article V also states that “Any construction, alteration, or other work done in violation of this Declaration shall be deemed to be nonconforming.  Upon written request from the CCC, Owners shall, at their own cost and expense, remove such construction, alteration, or other work and shall restore the property to substantially the same condition as existed prior to the construction or other work.”

It is the policy of the CCC to encourage homeowners and their neighbors to work together to achieve a reasonable compromise, in which case the CCC may consider granting a one-time exemption that will apply only to the property in question and not to other homes in Byrnwyck.

A final point is that the City of Brookhaven passed a comprehensive zoning ordinance November 27, 2018.  All  properties in Byrnwyck are subject to this code, which may be found at

If you have questions or would like to volunteer to serve on the CCC, please contact Anna Hogan, Byrnwyck Community Association CCC, at

Thank you for your cooperation.