High School Seniors - Have we missed anyone?

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If you have a student graduating from high school student this year and are a resident of Byrnwyck keep reading if not you can delete. 

A tradition in Byrnwyck that is loved by many is the Graduation Edition of the Byrnwyck Beacon which highlights High School Seniors and a Congratulations banner on the front wall. 

Each year for 20+ years a parent of a senior takes the lead in ordering the sign for the front entrance and consolidating the write ups. I am soliciting 1 or 2 volunteers to honor the Byrnwyck High School Seniors. I will assist with the communications, and getting timely responses.

You are receiving this note because we don't want to leave anyone off.  I have identified some high school seniors, but perhaps I have not captured all of them or gotten one wrong.  If you of an ommission please let me know. 

Each parent of the senior needs to participate by writing a paragraph of their senior and submitting it to the volunteer. Understanding not all children have decided what their after high school plans are the write up deadline will be announced by the volunteer but it is generally around 5/1 with the sign and profile document being complete around 5/15. Again, this is only a rough time line the volunteer will determine what works with their schedule.  I have attached a sample from a prior year.

1)The volunteer(s) order/hang the sign at the front entrance and collect and consolidate the write-ups. I will take the lead on the communication to the neighborhood and will help to make sure the volunteer has everything he/she needs. The neighborhood reimburses for the cost of the sign. For the banner at the front entrance we typically have the Seniors Name and the school they are graduating from (the neighborhood will reimburse you for the cost of the sign) 

2) The volunteer collects, consolidates, formats the profiles and then sends them in one PDF File to BMeer52@yahoo.com and then I will send it out the membership.

This is who I know are seniors and listed in the order of where you live (please let me know if I missed someone).

Connor Brown

Madeline Meer

Casey Langer

Hailey Maxwell

Alejandro Gorricho

Christopher Lin

Nicholas Emiling

Aiden Egan

Abby Ray

Juliana Fraundorf

Lily Francour

Anthony Stout


I look forward to hearing from you.