Quick update: pool & tennis items

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A few housekeeping items & frequently asked questions –

Per a request, we have added step stools in the bathrooms for younger children to use at the sink.

The baby pool has water fountains and if they are not on and you would like them on, please bring it to the attention of the lifeguard.  The valve to turn them on is located in the pump room.

The Coke machine is now operational. Thank you, Ray Fowler!

We are replacing some of the burners on the Grills.  Thank you, Ed Butler!

The light & fan switches for the Pavilion are located along the back wall near the pool phone.

We have a volunteer who is looking into replacing the basketball hoop in the parking lot.

The tennis courts are as good as new now as we just invested a significant amount of money in resurfacing the courts.   We need your help in keeping them this way.  Please ask children to stay off the courts unless they are playing tennis.  They are NOT to be used for picnics, baseball, skateboarding, frisbee, etc.  It might look innocent, but from experience, things can get out of hand as children start batting down the tennis nets, the rollers on the courts are used as toys/weapons, food & sticky drinks are spilled & ground into the courts, etc.

Pool Gate – I know it is annoying to have to enter the pool gate every time you enter the pool and hence propping the gate open is the easy option, but it needs to stay closed.  The reason?  This is a Dekalb County requirement and the county does random inspections over the summer and if they find it open more than once they can fine us or temporarily close the pool.  One exception: if you need to briefly prop it open for something like moving supplies for a party, that is fine, but please promptly close it when you are done moving items to/from your car. 

Thank you and appreciate your support in making Byrnwyck great.