Guest Policy and Lifeguards at Byrnwyck....Did you

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Members I want to update you on a few items,


  • A big shout out to the Byrnwyck Social Committee for arranging the opening pool party and the recent addition of the live music.  This Saturday is the children’s favorite - Karaoke with Mr. Murphy  6/8 from 5:30 – 9.  


  • Byrnwyck Sponsored Tennis Clinic for children that is being offered in July.  An email was just sent out the other day.  Hope your kids can participate. 


  • I personally witnessed a member clearing her table with Windex and paper towels when she was leaving the pool because she said “she likes to arrive at a clean table and is paying it forward”, what a role model.  Also, a member helped out picking up trash off the deck, Again THANK YOU!  We are a community and many hands make light work so if you see something please pitch in.


Guest Policy – All members of Byrnwyck contribute financially and also some with their volunteer time to make Byrnwyck special.  Some of you likely remember back to when we put a sign on Old Johnson Ferry advertising for members and now as a result of all the renovation work, our waitlist is long and we receive about 10 inquiries a week!  With most pools in our area full and with long waitlists, many  “friends” want to come as your guest to Byrnwyck.  It sounds fine on the surface, but imagine if everyone brought a guest at the same time especially in this early part of the season when it’s very busy.  To prevent overcrowding starting in 2016, the Guest Policy was updated stating NO GUESTS in the months of May and June.  We are learning that some members are starting to abuse this honor system which dilutes the value and the experience of others that have paid money to belong to our swim & tennis club.  To put things back in check, we will be starting random gate checks asking members for proof of membership going forward.  Thanks for your support and cooperation on this. 


Lifeguards –There has been an increasing trend in this competitive job market to find qualified young folks (mainly teenagers) to lifeguard and our pool is no exception despite our paying a rate that is as good or better than any other pools in the area.  In short, we are having a hard time staffing lifeguards.  With that, Sweetwater continues to work on establishing a permanent team for the summer.  For many of the lifeguards, this is their first job and one with a fair amount of real responsibility.  I would appreciate everyone’s assistance in treating them with respect, patience and support their efforts to supervise the pool.  On the flip side, they are teenagers who are learning and maturing on the job so I get it that they are not “perfect” (I’m sure you can recall when you were 17 or 18….and did you make any mistakes when you first started working?).  Don’t get me wrong, as I’m not condoning any outright bad behavior or negligence that might be seriously causing an issue with the safety or detriment to the facility.  This needs to be shared with Sweetwater and me immediately.  However, if their approach in communicating with you or your kids is not the smoothest, just remember the context of their age (plus, you are probably at least twice their age!) and their level of work experience.  Perhaps you could even consider “coaching” them or supporting them if another member or their kids are not being considerate of their efforts.  I did this job over 30 years ago and can tell you that when you have to blow your whistle 10 times at the same kids running on the deck, hanging on the lane line, or kids will not get out timely at adult swim, you just about run out of patience.  Lastly, please know they are not your baby sitters and you are directly responsible for knowing the whereabouts and actions of your kids at all times.  The guards are here to help provide an additional level of safety and maintenance of our facility.  If you have an issue with a pool rule they are enforcing, don’t debate it with them, but rather bring it to my attention.  They are just doing their job.  Let’s support them so we don’t lose them. 


Bathrooms – I’ve hired a professional cleaning company to clean the bathrooms 3 days per week (Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings before open).  This professional cleaning is above and beyond what the lifeguards do.   I have heard some (not many) with complaints on the bathrooms and a few things that I want to mention.  Due to the nature of how our bathrooms are designed, air flow is not ideal.  With that, I’m recommending keeping the doors propped open to allow fresh air in to help dry the floors and keep it from seeming like a cave.   Both the men and the ladies bathrooms have stalls for total privacy, but if for some reason you want the main door closed for changing clothes, etc.., please feel free to close, but reopen it when you leave (or if someone forgets to re-open, please take the initiative to do so).  I’m hoping this experiment can help.   If there are any concerns or issues with how this is working, let me know. 

Also, all small children need to be attended to by an adult when going to the bathrooms.  Not all young children are capable of using the bathrooms on their own and there are messes which are evidence of this.  This is a leading cause of the issues folks are bringing up. 


Pool Behavior – We want everyone from babies to adults to enjoy the pool.  It can be anywhere from a safety concern to just simply annoying when some children play rough in the pool while another member is trying to enjoy themselves.  It is a balancing act of using your best judgment.  Parents, please be mindful of everyone’s experience.  Again, you are responsible for your kids while at the pool!


Speed – Please continue to monitor your speed limit in the neighborhood.


Thanks for your attention to read through this and I’ve re-attached a copy of the pool rules for your reference.  Please familiarize yourself with them which helps make a good experience for all members. 


If you have any questions or suggestions, let me know.  If I don’t know something, I can’t address it.   For example the ceiling fans in the bathrooms, the pool hours sign on the pool gate, the kiddie step stools in the bathrooms, etc. 


Thank you,