Pool closed Tuesdays and Thursdays going forward

Sent by Meer, Stephanie & Bill (Meer, Stephanie & Bill) on 8/5/2019. This announcement was emailed to all users


Just a quick reminder that starting this week, the pool schedule has the pool closed on Tuesdays and Thursdays going forward for the remainder of the season.  This is driven by school starting so our attendance drops significantly through the week and becomes increasingly difficult to staff as the lifeguards area heading back to high school and college as well. 

A member did share with me that several private schools in the area are still out this week, so I did work with Sweetwater to see if we could open up on Tuesday and Thursday this week even if for a limited schedule.  I appreciate the suggestion, but unfortunately, they could not find guards to available to accommodate us. 

As always, please consult the calendar on the website for official hours and planned events. 

Hope you’ve been having an enjoyable season at the pool this summer.