It's All About Trash

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Neighbors, Happy New Year!  I am forwarding the below as a courtesy in case you don't read Linley Jones' but read news from Byrnwyck


New Trash and Recycling Rules!!

The new automated side loader trucks are here, so see the new rules below to make sure that these more efficient trucks can do their job:

  • THE BIGGEST CHANGE:  Blue and green roll carts should be placed 3-5 feet apart from each other (so that the truck arms can "grab" them separately.)
  • Excess bagged garbage, bulky items or other items placed at the curb should be 3 - 5 feet apart from each other AND from the roll carts.
  • Garbage must be placed in secure plastic bags before placing in the green garbage roll cart;
  • Recyclable items can be placed loosely in the blue recycling roll cart.
  • Garbage and recycling carts must be placed at the curb with the roll handles facing your home and the lid openings facing the street. 
  • Roll carts should be placed as far away from mailboxes, flower beds, or any other obstacle that could prevent the trucks from reaching the roll carts easily.