Swim Team Registration

Sent by Bard, Karla (Bard, Karla) on 3/30/2020. This announcement was emailed to all users

Good Afternoon Byrnwyck Members,

I wanted to confirm that our swim team registration remains open at https://byrnwyckbluedolphins.swimtopia.com .  I know this is an uncertain time with many sports and activities being cancelled/postponed or left for the unknown.  I wanted to take a second to assure you that registration fees will be refunded if the swim season were to be cancelled.  ASA has been in contact with all of the managers and they are operating business as usual for now.  ASA assured us that their fees will also be refundable with possibly only a service fee of a few dollars at risk. They are open to altering the season dates if needed and are looking ahead at different options if the need should arise.  I hope that you will still consider registering your swimmers and we will all keep hoping that our summer looks a lot more normal than our spring has thus far. As always let us know if you have any questions byrnwyckswimteam@gmail.com.

 Stay safe and healthy Byrnwyck! Let's get this over with!


Karla Bard and Amanda Marshall