Pool opening status and new concrete on driveway

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You've probably noticed that things are getting in order down at the pool and I continue to do the normal prep with our pool management company, Sweetwater.  However, the big question remains as to when and how things open for the season. While I don’t have a lot, I wanted to share what I know so far.

As things stand as of today, the best guess is looking at opening the pool sometime near the end of May.  Again, this is a best guess only at the moment.  The specific date is unknown as we are still awaiting guidelines from the State and local authorities on what the protocols and preparations will be a commercial pool to operate.  Right we have limited insight on this.  Sweetwater has indicated the next couple weeks more information should be forthcoming, and we’ll plan from there. 

As we all know, things are pretty fluid these days, and all this could change if something else happens.  Keep your fingers crossed that things continue to improve for getting back to normal.  Once I know more definitive details, I will let you know.

Quick reminder:  As previously announced last week, we just had new concrete poured at the top of the driveway on Monday this week.  The concrete will need a few weeks to cure before any cars can drive over it.  Its currently roped off and will remove once its ready for traffic.  As mentioned, you are welcome to go the swim/tennis grounds, but please park on only the side of the street closest to the pool grounds (not both sides).  Thanks again for your cooperation. 


Bill Meer