Update on Pool & Improvements

Sent by Meer, Stephanie & Bill (Meer, Stephanie & Bill) on 5/12/2020. This announcement was emailed to all users


We continue to get things in order at the pool anticipating the opening.  Starting Friday 5/15 we are having the tennis pavilion and Pool house pressure washed.  On Saturday (weather permitting), we are painting the Pool House dormers and bathroom exterior doors along with staining the trash corral.  I will be placing cones to block off the parking spaces near the pool house and trash corral areas.  Please avoid parking in these areas so the guys can have room to work and also avoid having your car accidentally sprayed.  I’m not entirely sure of what time they will be pressure washing on Friday so if you plan to play tennis that day, you may look to reschedule if you think it will be too noisy. 

To keep you informed regarding the opening of the pool, we are still in a bit of a holding pattern as we work through things with the our pool company, Sweetwater.  With that, the specific date of the pool opening is still unknown, but perhaps a best guess right now is give or take June 1.  All commercial pools are awaiting more specific guidelines from the State and local authorities on what the protocols and preparations will be a commercial pool to operate.  Some guidance has been released from the CDC, but it’s pretty high level and very detailed.  Given we may not receive much detailed guidance, I’m in direct communication with the other pools in the area as well as with Sweetwater our pool management company thinking through possible ideas for how we safely open and operate for the season. 

I do want to be transparent and upfront that this pool season is very likely to be significantly different than what we all typically have experienced in the past.  You’ve all have experienced the protocols that various public places have put in place like grocery stores, restaurants, etc… and the following concepts are being considered for pools: 

  • Setting a cap on the number of members at the pools facility at any given point.  This will be a much lower number than the past and likely based on available furniture that is spaced out based on appropriate distancing. 
  • Strictly enforcing the number of members at the pool facility.  This will likely be handled with an online registration system somewhat similar to how tennis reservations are conducted today.  We are currently exploring systems for this. 
  • Capping the number of reservations available to a member family per day / per week.  (i.e. you may only be able to reserve say a 2 hour time slot per day so to allow time for other members to use the pool and also restricting high use times such as Friday & Sat evenings/Sat & Sun afternoons)
  • There may be a 30 minute window between access time slots to the pool for additional cleaning which will require everyone to exit the facility. 
  • We may also be required to have the life guards do temperature checks upon any member entering the pool gate. 
  • Additional cleaning protocols on high touch surfaces during breaks….sink handles, door handles, etc…
  • Potential non-use of the diving board due to the hand rails being high touch surface
  • No birthday parties or other group gatherings
  • Waivers signed at least at the beginning of the season

This is just a sample of the ideas being considered and thought through.  While not final, there is a high probability these will implemented. 

Certainly we want you all to enjoy the pool facility to cool off from the summer heat, but we are going to have to be respectful of each other and cooperate based on the guidelines we’ll have to follow.  As things continue to come together, I’ll provide you updates at least weekly.