POOL IS OPEN - effective Saturday May 30

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Great news as the pool will be opening tomorrow (Saturday) as we just passed our DeKalb inspection today.  I’ve continued to talk with other area pools and there appears to be a change of direction for not leveraging a reservation system.  Upon further consideration where this is working so far at these pools, I want to give this try for us providing I have YOUR COOPERATION to self-regulate the use of the pool and not have it so locked down that we have unused spots at the pool due to limitations on the number of reservations a family can make in a given week. 


HOWEVER…. I need your help by using some common sense and respect for your fellow members with the following guidelines:


  • Only tables with Umbrellas or groups of 3 lounge chairs can be utilized.  PLEASE DO NOT MOVE FURNITURE AT ALL.  We must keep all furniture spaced appropriately.


  • If there is not available furniture for your family to sit at, you cannot stay at the pool.  However, try to see if someone may be soon to leave and you can use their place. 


  • Please limit your time at the pool to no more than 2 hours.  We cannot have folks camped out all day. 


  • Different from my previous email, there will not be continued swim during hourly lifeguard break.  Kids must exit the pool during Adult Swim as usual.


  • Please sign the attached waiver and list all family members prior to using pool.  This can be emailed back to me via scanned copy at  bmeer52@yahoo.com 


  •  Please be mindful of SOCIAL DISTANCING (6 feet) with anyone outside of your family.  This is required on the deck or in the pool. 


  • Lifeguards will perform disinfecting on commonly touched objects and the BCA will make available disinfectant spray and hand sanitizer available as well.  Since these materials are scarce these days, we'd encourage you to bring your own disinfecting products if you prefer to wipe down your chairs and table.  Always a good idea. 
  •  Permanent lifeguard staffing for our pool will take several weeks to come together due to certifications.  Please treat our guest lifeguards with patience and respect.    


While these are challenging times, I’m trying to make this as flexible as possible, so folks can get as much enjoyment out of the pool as possible.  2 things to be aware of:

1)      DeKalb County will be monitoring if pools are conducting themselves appropriately.  If we have overcrowding, or people not maintaining proper distancing between each other and/or moving furniture, we will be cited & possibly fined.  Upon the 3rd citation DeKalb County will close our pool for the remainder of the season.  We are all then out of luck. 


2)     Again, I’m asking you all to please help me help you with complying with the above.  If I start receiving complaints from members or Sweetwater, then the BCA will have to revert to more confined measures (i.e. reservation system, longer breaks between reservations for people to exit/enter, remove more pool furniture, etc..).


With everyone’s help and cooperation, this will allow more use of the pool for everyone.  Let’s make this as an enjoyable season at the pool as possible.  As mentioned in my prior email last week, please comply with the following: 



•       No Guests

•       No birthday parties or other planned gatherings.

•       No Swim Lessons (we unfortunately cannot limit time or pool space for lessons this year during operating hours)

•       Unlike in the past, No child under the age of 16 will be allowed at the pool without a parent/guardian.  •       No use of the grills

•       No changing or showering in the bathrooms.

•       Younger children must be accompanied by an adult in the restrooms.

•       Exterior Bathroom doors (on the pool side) will be open at all times to avoid use of the handles

•       Masks: while on the deck it is not necessary (but you are welcome to do so), we would ask you please use a mask when using the Restrooms.  Do not wear a mask while in the pool. 


•       Anyone being disrespectful to the rules described above or to the lifeguards, will not be tolerated and subject to membership suspension or termination.  We want to make as much availability as possible to each member family during these challenging times.

o       Hourly headcount will be done and recorded to ensure we are staying compliant

o       Periodic attendant gate checks