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Dear Byrnwyck Members,
We are always looking for neighbors to get involved in our community.

On that note, please see below email from David Dodson. He moved into the neighborhood a few years ago. He has first hand knowledge of how kudzu can overtake wooded areas so is very passionate on this subject.  He is looking for volunteers who are willing and able to help in any way. Please contact David directly at dadodson@yahoo.com or Betty and Jim Knight at brkmail@bellsouth.net who are part of the Volunteer BCA Board and oversee the common grounds if you have any questions.

Thank you,
The BCA Board



I have become aware of kudzu starting in the woods and fast encroaching in back of the tennis courts in the wooded areas along the trails.

You will find attached an image of kudzu in winter phase. There is little doubt that we do not want kudzu overtaking our beautiful community.

I am asking for all willing residents to volunteer to help address the issue.

Specifically, I ask that you reach out this week to david.dodson@yahoo.com if:

-You have any experience eradicating kudzu.

-You are aware of companies who have special expertise in the eradication of kudzu.

-You are willing and able to help physically begin removing the kudzu.

-You are among the residents whose property is being overtaken (mainly the houses that back up the tennis courts along the trails).

Thank you in advance for your consideration. It is in the best interest of Byrnwyck that we clearly do all in our power to preserve the beauty of our community and the value of our respective properties.


David Dodson