Yard Decorating Contest Winners

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Amidst global pandemics, tropical storms, and political blather, sat a cozy neighborhood named Byrnwyck where ghostly creatures all gather.  From ghosts and goblins and witches with cauldrons, to skeletal basketball games and corpses in coffins...

Happy Halloween, Byrnwyck!  Our neighborhood looks awesome.  Thank you to all the families that participated to make this a fun holiday despite the craziness of this year.  We are excited to announce the winners below.  A few pictures atached, but they dont do these decorations justice!

  Byrnwyck's Best Boos of 2020:  3825 Byrnwyck Place  
2nd Place:  3983 Fernway Court 
3rd Place:  1089 Byrnwyck Trail
1165 Byrnwyck Road 
3918 Downing Lane
3919 Byrnwyck Place
**Poem by our very own Jessica Allen**