Santa in Byrnwyck

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πŸŽ…Β Β HO HO HO!Β Β Β πŸŽ…Β Β Santa is coming back to Byrnwyck!Β Β πŸŽ…

Join us at the park to visit with Santa and enjoy holiday treats!
Saturday, December 5th from 2:15-5pm
1000 Byrnwyck Road
*Bring your own camera.Β  There is no independent photographer.
*Santa will allow kids to sit on his lap for photos, but we will also have it staged so a distanced photo can be taken, if preferred.
*Santa will wear a mask generally; but if you request, he will remove it for pictures.Β 
*Santa will sanitize his hands and gloves after each child/family.
*Please be respectful of neighbors and maintain distance while waiting for Santa.