How to Book a Pool Party

The Byrnwyck Community Association Party Reservation policies aim to protect the value and privileges of your membership.   While we want our members to feel comfortable and eager to share the Club with their guests, we must balance this with the need to prevent overcrowding, so all members can enjoy the pool at their convenience. 


At this time we are not scheduling any parties at the Pool.


Party Reservation Steps

  1. Read the BCA Party Guidelines (below)

  2. Check the general calendar to ensure your event date is available. We do not allow more than one event/party at a time. (Please note: the pool will remain open to other Byrnwyck members during your event.)

  3. Complete the party reservation form (found at the top left above this text) and email it to the Party Coordinator, Stephanie Meer, to request your party date and time. One week advance notice is required.  The Party Coordinator will email a confirmation of your party details.  BCA will e-mail you an invoice.  Make check payable to “BCA” and return to the address on the invoice.  Payment is due prior to the scheduled date of the party.  Invoices not paid in a timely manner will incur a 10% late fee. 

BCA Party Guidelines

Only BCA Members in good standing (those who are not delinquent on their BCA account) may reserve the facilities for parties.



Group size includes all guests entering the pool area regardless of their intent to swim.  The length of the party cannot exceed 2 hours.

  • No Charge: 4 or less guests*
  • $90:      5 to 14 guests
  • $Over 15 guests, please contact

*Parties of four (4) or less guests do not require an extra lifeguard or Rental Fee. However, please contact the Party Coordinator, Stephanie Meer,,  to have your function added to the Calendar. This will help prevent overcrowding and ensure adequate lifeguard coverage.


2.Lifeguard Fee:  

*Lifeguard fees are $25 per lifeguard per hour with a minimum fee of $50 per reservation.

# of Party Guests

# of Lifeguards/Fees


 (1) * $25 = $25/hour


 (2) * $25 = $50/hour



Size and Date Restrictions 




Party Restrictions

  Friday, 5pm-Close

Saturday, 4PM - Close 

Sunday, 2PM-Close


  No parties allowed

  Saturday, Open - 2

  Sunday, Open- 2PM



  All other times


  20 or less guests

Tips/Clean Up

Having been the pool coordinator for several years I have some tips and tricks to share with you and/or level set the expectations:

We do not reserve an area for parties so I suggest that you arrive to the area a bit in advance (20 minutes) to set things up. Please note that members who are already there are not obligated to move. However, you may politely ask other members to move some of their belongings so that you can have tables adjacent to one another.

  • The area most likely will not be spotless upon your arrival as others have likely been using the facility prior to you arriving, so you may want/need to wipe down a table(s), push in chairs, set up the long folding tables for your food/cake, etc...

  • All party guest need to leave the pool area at the end of the party time frame. 

  • Please be mindful that a party for 8 children does not mean 8 party guests plus their siblings. Unfortunately we have had parties scheduled for 8 children but then the siblings show up with the parent(s) so 8 has reached 25 and it is not fair to the other members or the life guards. It does become a safety issue.

  • During the party you are welcome to use the grills and refrigerator.


Upon ending of the party we REQUIRE you to do the following:


  • Return the folding tables to where they belong (collapsed along the brick wall under the covered pavilion)

  • Logically space out the square pool tables

  • Push in the chairs

  • Wipe the tables down

  • Pick up any debris on the ground (pieces of cake, wrappers, napkins, forks, etc…)

  • Remove all the party decorations

  • If the trash bins are over flowing, please tell the guard to take the trash to the trash corral.


Yes, we would ask that you leave the condition of the area in great shape and we understand that it might be in better shape than how you found it. Thank you for your efforts here as we are a community pool; not a country club. If you leave a mess, a volunteer member will have to clean it up.

There are 2 fees associated with hosting a party at Byrnwyck. The first fee is for the lifeguards and 2nd fee is for the use of the pool.


Lifeguard Fee and Process


To secure a lifeguard, please complete the Sweetwater guard form at

Sweetwater will reserve the guardor guards (depending on your party size) for you and you pay them directly via a credit card. You cannot host a party without securing a Sweetwater Lifeguard(s).



Byrnwyck Fee and Process


You will receive an invoice by email from the Byrnwyck Community Association.  This invoice needs to be paid upon receipt.  Failure to pay this invoice prior to the party date could cause loss of your reservation and/or a late payment penalty.  The payment for this invoice will be held until after the party date.  If your party is cancelled for any reason, it is your responisbility to notify Deb White - so that your check can be destroyed.


Inclement Weather Cancelations

If your party needs to be canceled due to inclement weather, the Party Host must contact Sweetwater Pools no less than 4 hours prior to your party start time.  If you cancel in less than 4 hours, you will still be responsible for the Party Lifeguard fees.  Your Party Fee will be refunded in full.  No refunds will be given if inclement weather interrupts a party already in progress.


Pool Rules

Members must read and agree to adhere to all pool rules.  Above all, members and their guests must obey lifeguard instructions, including adult swim time.

Please review the Pool Rules.