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Special Event Fees

This would be a description of what the special event is. For example, Super Sunday Funday - Margarita Bar

Name your price $ (min $5.00)

Skip Work Day Payment

Swim Team Fundraiser

Name your price $ (min $5.00)

Swim Team

Swim Lessons with a Guard

Get a private 30 minute lesson with one of our guards

Adult Pool Party

Availability: 10 Remaining

Teen Night Party

Parents Night Out

Pool Party

The Party Host will reserve Lifeguards and email a confirmation of your party reservation. The BCA Treasurer will mail/email an invoice for all amounts due. Please pay upon receipt.

  • 4 or Less - $0.00
  • 5-14 Guests - $90.00
  • 15 and Above - Contact us - $0.00
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