Byrnwyck Tennis Rules

Byrnwyck Community Association strives to ensure that the Tennis facilities are available to all our members.  The tennis rules are designed to help all our members enjoy the facilities.  If you observe rules being violated, please bring the violation to the attention of any member of the Board of Directors.


  • The tennis courts are for tennis play only, no animals, wheels, baseball bats, toys, etc. are allowed on the courts.  Only smooth soled regular tennis shoes may be worn on the courts.  No jogging or basketball shoes are allowed.
  • Anyone on courts not playing tennis will be fined:  First offense will be $50 + any repair costs to fix courts. Second offense will be $100 + any repair costs to fix courts.  Any further offenses will be fined per the discretion of the Board with possible termination of membership.
  • Only Byrnwyck members in good standing may reserve the courts.  Byrnwyck residents who are not members may not use the courts.  Members may reserve 1 court per day per family a maximum of 2 consecutive hours per day.
  • Reserving member must accompany guest(s) on the court for the duration of the reservation.
  • Members who contract with coaches for lessons need to ensure that the coaches understand the Club rules.
  • Please be courteous of other members.  Empty your trash from court trash receptacles before leaving the court.  Trash and recycling cans have been provided behind the pavilion.
  • When leaving the courts, be sure the tennis gate is locked, the court lights are off and, if on, please turn off pavilion lights and fans.


  1. The captain of all league teams must be a Byrnwyck member.  The team captain is the representative of our Byrnwyck facility and has the responsibility of ensuring that all team members as well as guests follow the rules of the League and our Club.
  2. Effective 3/1/2020, any existing team registered to play league tennis may include up to 5 non-members on a team roster.  These 5 non-members are grandfathered in until such time as they leave the team.  They are NOT to be replaced with another non-member.  The goal is to eventually have all member tennis teams which will offer the most benefit to our paid membership.  
  3. Effective 3/1/2020, any new team formed, should be 100% members with no non-members.  Exceptions may be allowed with BCA approval.     
  4. Effective 1/1/2020, all non-members must pay $50 per person, per team, per season to play on a Byrnwyck team. 
  5. The Captain of each team should submit the intended roster to BCA for approval prior to signing up the team with ALTA or USTA and must collect all non-member fees for the season prior to any team practice held on the courts.  The practice times and home match schedules will be reserved for registered teams by BCA after non-member fees have been submitted to the BCA.
  6. If there is a rain-out of a home match, early play of league matches, or any other variance from the league assigned schedule, please schedule make-up matches for your team through BCA.  If courts are available, BCA will schedule as requested.
  7. Effective 4/1/2020, Club members, upon resignation or membership termination ARE NOT ELIGIBLE to play on any BCA team.  
  8. BCA members who play on league teams at another location are not allowed to use Byrnwyck courts for practice sessions or makeup matches.
  9. Each team is eligible for 2 consecutive hours of practice time per week.  Days that team practice is allowed are: Mondays through Thursdays.  Weekly practice may begin as early as 3 weeks prior to the start of the season, assuming all fees have been paid, and practice time is scheduled on a first-come basis.    

Rules effective January 2020